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justin_barrette in pullington


It's come to the point where I just have so many icons I want to use, I couldn't decide which to use for this post. So I decided on one that amuses me. Yiish, this icon makes me giggle. Anyhow, yes, I wrote a new fic... it'd be nice if someone would read it. Okay, that's all...

Title: A New Man

Fandom: Mixed

Verse: Affair with History

Pairing: Cutler Beckett/ You’ll see

Rating: Hard R – I’m not thinking it’s too graphic.

Warnings: A bit of torture, bondage, and rape. Also, m/m (like I write anything else)

A/N: I’m not sure where this came from. But it is cannon in the Affair with History verse- this goes along with the story… taking place during Dead Man’s Chest. Can’t tell you exactly where yet, as we’ve not gotten that far. I just know it’s there.

Also: Comment Bob Damn It! And enjoy. ^_^


The sound of his heart pounding in his ears, his heavy panting… it was a wonder he heard the words at all.



The chilly, all too calm droll from the man in front of him was enough to send a shiver down his spine. The usually dull, unfeeling pale green eyes were finally lifted to look at the man before him. Cold grey eyes met his own- and Cutler Beckett had the nerve to smirk. To sneer at the pleading look in jade hues.

He still gave no answer; he couldn’t bring himself to speak. His hands were tied behind him with his own cravat- it was a painful position on an uncomfortable wooden chair. He didn’t know how long he’d been here, tied up like some common criminal.

He didn’t understand this. Couldn’t fathom why he was here- what had he ever done wrong? True, once- back in England, he had made a mistake… but it was not one he could be blamed for. This… this torture was not deserved.

His vision was blurred around the edges, pain coursing through every fiber of his being. His milky white skin, once unmarred, and flawless- untouched; was now cover in an assortment of raised welts, and bleeding slits. He could feel a bruise swelling at his cheek bone, taste the liquid copper from a split lip- All befallen him for no apparent reason.

Cutler moved closer, looking over the nude form before him- it was quite a worthwhile sight. Vivid red against pale skin, lean muscle and long limbs. Cutler pulled out a hand-kerchief gently dabbing away the blood from the other man’s lips, and the sweat from his brow. He watched with great pleasure as a tear fell from fair jade eyes.

Then something changed. Something Cutler had not expected, leaning so close to his handsome captive. He’d been sure the young man would turn away… but he didn’t. In fact the pale eyed beauty was leaning forward, and up- as far as he could manage… swollen lips, painted in crimson and ever so slightly parted. Cutler leaned down, without thinking… meeting the younger man’s lips.

He didn’t know what he was doing; he didn’t know what had brought on his feelings. But he was kissing Lord Cutler Beckett, and it wasn’t at all where he’d seen this going moments before. He didn’t understand the longing and ache his body felt. He should hate this man; he should wish his swift demise.

The bonds were untied; he raised his hands to push Cutler away. But that’s not what happened… No, his hands had a mind of their own, and where swiftly helping the man before him undress. He had no experience; he’d had no desire up until this point. And yet he was passionately kissing another man- a man who’d been beating him all evening for information he would not give.

It hurt when they fell to the floor, his wounds were angry, and the hair on Cutler’s chest stung against his raw flesh. But he wanted it, he couldn’t understand it… but it was an urgent, burning need. He was hard, and Cutler’s shaft against his own was more than he could bare.

But Cutler didn’t want to dry thrust against the young thing below him. He was more than a little surprised when Cutler forced him to roll to his stomach- it didn’t make sense. He didn’t understand why he heard the older man spitting… not until he felt fingers press inside him. He yelped, tried to pull away- but he was held fast.


The words were edged with surprise. Yet the fingers did not yield, nor did they slow.

“Stop… No…”

The words finally choked themselves from his throat, but it was no use. There was a moment of relief when those fingers were gone- it didn’t last long. Suddenly Cutler was shoving his prick inside him- And he was crying out, screaming in pain and trying desperately to scramble away.

“It hurts! Oh God, it hurts! Stop! Get the hell off me, you bastard! Ahh!”

His cries were answered only by a chuckle.

“It’ll get better.”

The words were calmer than they should have been in a moment like this. He knew he was crying now, sobbing. He hated Cutler; he hated the pain… like he was being split in two. This was wrong; this wasn’t the way it should be. The man above him didn’t care. Cutler gave him a few moments to adjust before he was grabbing hold of his hips and thrusting into him.

It was rough, and pain. He cried the entire time, yet managed to reach his climax before Cutler. He wasn’t sure why he felt strangely empty when Cutler pulled out… nor did he understand why he didn’t actually hate Cutler at all.

Cutler lay beside him a while, before looking over to him- still laying face down on the floor.

“Come here.”

Cutler said in a softer tone, and he complied; curling close to Cutler, laying his head on the other man’s chest. He could feel the other’s seed spilling to his legs- he was sure blood was mixed with it… and somehow- he felt content.

“I think I’ll keep you.”

Cutler said, running his fingers through the rich chocolate curls that for so long where hidden by a wig.

“Blifil just won’t do, though. What’s your first name?” He said simply.

“Leonardo.” Was the breathy reply.

“Leonardo… yes, that suits you. You’re place is with me now.”

Nothing else was spoken; their position on the floor did not last much longer. Cutler cleaned the lad up, speaking salve over the angry wounds and bandaging him up. He shared his bed with the boy that night.

The next day Leonardo Blifil stood at Cutler side, his new place in life. Pale green eyes were cold, but a secret fire burn fast behind them. He found he was changed. He found himself, a new man.



OMG!!!! I so knew it was Blifil!! Oh poor dear *cuddles* Very very interesting, though. Love, we so need to play!! Goddamit I hate these exams. Wish me luck for tomorrow, and after that I'll have a bit more time for you. *cuddles* I love you.
Soon, it must be soon.