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justin_barrette in pullington

Another Piece

Title: Cages
Author: Justin_Barrette
Pairing: Pullington
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-graphic boy sex, abuse, and general unhappiness
Summary: A cage is the only way to keep pets where they belong.
Beta: SunsetDawn20
Author's Notes: This is a stand alone, that can be connected to other stand alones. In my series, Pieces. Called thus, because they are each a piece of a puzzle.
[This takes place BEFORE Distances]
Disclaimer: It’s bloody art, so shut your cake hole.

“Send in the Commodore to show Mr.Norrington to his room.”

When I uttered those words, I had no idea what a marvel I’d get to witness. I did almost feel sorry for James- just almost. He looked wretched, and smelled worse… but my disgust was short lived when I noticed how our tastes were so similar. In men, that was.

As the ever so pretty, Commodore Pullings entered the room; I was sure all the air would have been sucked from the room with the ferocity of their gasps. I could feel the smirk teasing at my lips as I watched them- lovers reunited. What a beautiful thing to witness.

It was even more beautiful to watch them through the sneak hole in the wall. Tom was ever so lovely when he cried, and James was terribly well fitted for the role of attacking the younger man’s mouth.

But it just wouldn’t do to allow such a heart felt reunion- especially when the fair Commodore had already been sharing my bed for a matter of time now. What sort of person would I be, were I to allow them to join together with secrets aside them. I made sure to keep them parted from that moment- for a time at least. Well, mainly until after Mr.Norrington had bathed.

When I invited James to dinner, I was rather surprised to see he’d yet to shave. Though his command had not been posted, so one supposes it would do until then. It was, in truth, of little importance. My reason for having him was not idle chatter, but to show him his place. I wanted him to see that Tom was no longer his property, but that of my own.

I, of course, played the gracious host; though as dinner went on, I noticed that James was looking more, and more worried about Tom’s lack of food. I waited though, until he finally asked;

“Commodore, aren’t you hungry?”

“Oh, of course he is.” I replied, pulling his plate over and beginning to cut his meat. “I’m sure he’ll be quite happy to indulge.”

The look on James’ face was priceless as I fed his boy. I could just imagine the thoughts going through his mind as he watched how well I’d trained my newest pet. But I had still more to show Norrington of his precious lover. It was quite important that he knew they were no longer their own.

It was as we sat around the fire in my study, sipping brandy, that I made my final move- a devastating blow to his queen; check and mate. I knew it.

I called Tom to my side, and spread my legs. Sure the smirk on my face was nothing short of evil. But still, the boy wavered, looked to his lover.

“Don’t look at him.” I snapped, “He’s nothing to do with it.” Yet.

I knew it hurt him, to lower himself to his knees as James watched. And watch James most definitely did. It gave me chills, watching his eyes burn a hole into us from the shadow beyond the blazing fire. He was so careful not to react as his boy freed my prick and wasted little time in swallowing it down.

Sure, Tom’s mouth working my dick was nice. But watching James start to shake in his attempt to control himself- that was heaven. I wasn’t surprised that I had to order the man to stay where he was. Surly he’d do anything to walk out. But I wasn’t about to let that happen.

It wasn’t until the moment I had Tom bent over the chair did he stand- his eyes were dangerous.

So I decided to be generous.

“Remove your clothes.” I ordered Tom- who complied without emotion.

I brought him to the floor, on hands and knees, before I told James to join us. It was a novel experience; fucking Tom while he sucked off his former lover. It wasn’t quite so enjoyable to watch James with him after I’d finished.

I found it frustrating how gentle he was. Even though I’d shown him just how much of a whore his darling Tom was. He still laid him down as if on a bed of roses- and still murmured into his mouth as he rocked into him. And though I was watching- I knew that in their minds- they were the only two in the room.

The only thing that truly gave me any comfort, was that my seed was lubricating their passion. After James and his boy had shuttered their completion- I ordered James to go. I’ll admit to being just a bit cross. But it was nothing a riding crop to Tom’s milky flesh couldn’t solve.
When I left him, bruised and bleeding on the floor- sure he’d never look at a bottle of port without feeling sick to his stomach- I felt more at ease. And I slept well knowing that James would never see his little maiden in the same way again.

The End.


I so want to cuddle Tom and Jamie. :'(
Well done! Very in character all around. And what Cutler did at the end...whooh. Brava